Guarantee and refund
Guarantee and refund
  • Product guarantee
    • Warranty and service maintenance of "Aleks" rifle is 12 month.
  • Quality control
    • All the products are presale-tested on performance and package. Russian language instruction (passport) is attached to the most of products.
    • By purchasing the product, you get the consignment note which is also a guarantee card.
  • Refund
    • You can exchange the proper quality product (Aleks rifle) if it is not used and the market condition is remained.
    • You can exchange the product on any other product or get a refund.
    • We will exchange the product or give a refund within 14 days since getting the product.
    • By using electronic payment system, refund is made within 5 working days since adoption of statement (agreement with buyer). Bank refund is made up to 30 days (usually 1-2 days).
Return policy:
  • Correctly completed guarantee card without corrections. Have to be mentioned: model and serial number of the product, date of sale and dealer seal.
  • Purchase-confirming document (consignment note).
  • Full-product package
We also ask you to pay your attention that while getting the product, buyer has to check the package and appearance of the product for physical defects(scratches, cracks, chips and etc) in the presence of courier. After couriers leaves, claims are not accepted.
Still have questions?
Share your contacts and we'll call you.
Still have questions?
Share your contacts and we'll call you.
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