Supply contract
Supply contract
A company with limited liability «Temp», hereinafter referred to as "The Supplier", in the person of the Director of Lozhkin Alexander Nikolayevich, acting on the basis of the Decision, on the one hand, and referred to hereinafter as "The Buyer", in the person of the Director acting on the basis of, On the other hand, hereinafter referred to as the Parties have concluded this Treaty as follows:


The supplier undertakes to deliver and the Buyer undertakes to pay for and accept the production in the manner and under the conditions provided for in this Contract.

1.2. The buyer undertakes to accept and pay for the goods in accordance with the procedure and time-limit established by this contract.


2.1. The supplier undertakes:

2.1.1. To deliver the products and deliver the related documents to the buyer under the terms of this contract.

2.1.2. Deliver products conforming to the quality, completeness, specifications and requirements of this Agreement.

2.1.3. Deliver products free of any rights of third parties.

2.2. Buyer undertakes:

2.2.1. Pay the price in accordance with the terms of this contract.

2.3. The date of delivery of the goods shall be the date of the actual delivery of the goods to the authorized representative of the Buyer


3.1. The supplier guarantees to the Buyer that the labelling of the Goods conforms to the current RF standards.

3.2. The supplier undertakes to provide the Buyer with a set of necessary accompanying documents for the Goods in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

The supplier guarantees the quality of the Goods during the warranty period established by the manufacturer in the event that the Buyer complies with the conditions for storing the Goods set by the manufacturer.

3.4. If the Buyer has claims based on hidden defects of the delivered Goods, the Buyer may submit a claim to the Supplier within the warranty period. At the end of this period, the claim is not admissible.


4.1. The price of the Goods is set in rubles

4.2. The date of payment is considered to be the date of receipt of cash into the Seller's Settlement Account or the date of deposit of cash in the Supplier's Cashier's cashier's cashier's cashier.


The buyer undertakes:

5.1. To identify the persons authorized to receive and receive the Goods from the Seller.

5.2. Comply with the storage and turnover conditions of the Goods as established by the manufacturer.

5.3. Take each consignment of Goods in accordance with the terms of the Contract. The supplier undertakes:

5.4. To deliver the goods to the Buyer in a timely manner.

5.5. Hand over the necessary shipping documentation for each consignment of the Goods.


6.1. In case of untimely delivery of the Goods, the Supplier shall pay the Buyer a penalty of 0.1 per cent of the sum of the undelivered Goods after the Buyer has given written notice of the nature of the infringement and the date from which the penalty is calculated.

6.2. Payment of a penalty (penalty) shall not relieve a Party of its obligations under the Treaty.

6.3. In the event of a breach by the Buyer of obligations under the Treaty, the Buyer is liable in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.4. The Parties shall be exempt from liability in the event of circumstances of force majeure giving rise to total or partial failure to perform their obligations under the Treaty. A Party that has become unable to perform obligations under the Treaty shall so notify the other Party within three days of their occurrence, unless the circumstances themselves render notice unavailable. The acts and certificates of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other competent authorities are the appropriate evidence of the existence and duration of the circumstances.


7.1. All disputes and disagreements relating to the fulfilment of obligations under this Treaty shall be settled in accordance with the legislation in force in the Russian Federation. If it is not possible to settle a dispute, the dispute shall be referred to the Arbitration Court of the Udmurt Republic Disputes arising under this contract may be submitted to the court for resolution only after the parties have taken measures for a pre-trial settlement of the dispute, 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of the submission, service of the claim(s) to the other party.


8.1. The Treaty shall enter into force on signature and shall remain in force for one (one) calendar year. All previously signed supply contracts and supplementary agreements shall cease to have effect from the date of conclusion of this contract.

8.2. In the event that no Party declares its intention to terminate the Treaty 30 (thirty) calendar days prior to the expiry of the Treaty, the Treaty shall be deemed to be extended to the following calendar year. The number of extensions is unlimited.

8.3. All modifications and additions to the Treaty shall be considered valid if made in writing and signed by both Parties.

8.4. Either party shall be entitled to object to the performance of the Contract, except for the performance of a monetary obligation to pay for the goods delivered, by notifying the other party in writing 10 days in advance. The supplier is entitled to unilaterally, at any time, declare a waiver of the Contract in case of the Buyer's breach of the payment terms of the delivered Goods.

8.5. The Parties confirm that all information that has become known to the Parties at the time of the performance of the obligations under the Treaty shall be considered confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties, except in the cases provided for in the laws of the Russian Federation.

8.6. At the conclusion of this treaty, any Party shall be entitled, in accordance with the recommendations of the tax authority, to request from the other Party copies of the documents attesting to its legal capacity, as well as copies of the documents attesting to the credentials of the signatories to this Treaty. The information contained in the documents submitted constitutes an assurance of the circumstances under the provisions of article 431.2 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. A party that has given false representations to the other party about the circumstances referred to in this paragraph of the Contract is obliged to compensate the other party, at its request, for damages caused by the lack of credibility of such representations.

8.7. The Treaty and all its annexes are in duplicate, with equal legal force, one copy for each of the Parties.

8.8. In the event of a change in the name of the Party, the address placed on the tax record or the addresses of separate subdivisions (amendment of the CPP), changes in the founding documents, changes in the head, changes in the bank details, Or, in the event of a change of persons directly carrying out the taking over of the Goods, the Party in which the circumstances arose is obliged, within three (three) working days from the date of the occurrence of the said changes, to notify the other Party in writing with the attachment of documents, confirming changes. The Parties shall guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.


Supplier: Buyer:

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