Pneumatic biathlon rifle

Dominant hand
  • Mass of rifle without 2.7 kg
  • Walnut Box Material
  • Calibre 4.5 mm pneumatic bullets of type «Match»
  • The maximum permissible pressure of compressed air in a cylinder Not exceeding 200 kgf/cm kW.
  • The working pressure necessary for the stable operation of the rifle IN the range of 50 to 200 kgs/cm.
  • Number of stable shots fired with one full injection of compressed air 100
  • Filling is done through a filling connection Without disconnecting the cylinder from the rifle
  • Overall dimensions 970 mm 170 mm 65 mm
  • Adjustable descending force From 500 to 1000 gr.
  • Cross-section of dispersion of bullets at 10 m x 10 mm range
  • Temperature stability of the rifle (-/+ degrees C)-20/+35
  • Capacity of the shop 5 bats of bullets
  • 12 months warranty and service service service
  • Adjustable back in three planes 30mm long, left 20 mm, top 20 mm
  • Movement of the mid-point of impact (STP) when the drummer is rotated by a single cell, 0.7 mm
  • Alex-C1 plastic parts are made of glass-filled polyamide, which is widely used in Kalashnikov rifles
  • Alex-C1 Product with No Air Flow
  • It is possible to separate the shutter from the rifle for convenience to clean the barrel channel from the state part
  • There's a model for a lefty
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